Indian in the Cuboard

The book was mainly about: Omri, Little Bear,Boone and patrick. Omri’s brother, Gillion, gave him the  Cuboard. (as a b-day present). He decieded to put the indian he got from Patrick in the cuboard. Which he later found out turned toys real. Later on in the story he brought Patrick cowboy, Boone to life. Then later more Gillion took the cuboard and hid it. when Omri found it the key was missing and the rat had it. Little Bear got it. Then they turned them back to plastic.

1.In the book, Gillion hid it in the attic. It he movie, the crawl space.

2.In the movie they got a deer for Little Bear to kill. A beetle in the book.

3In the movie they swear. But not in the book.

  Personally, since I read the book first, the book. It seems more truthful. The movie was not really good .

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